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By Denis Lafontaine

              FOOTBALL NEWS              
Byron Archambault is Defensive MVP and Jérémi Roch is both Offensive and overall MVP
December 14, 2009

Click for a larger photo of Jérémi Roch.
Jérémi Roch

At the league Awards Banquet held on Saturday, December 12th, no fewer than seven Football Cheetahs were selected for the league's All-Star team.

Our defensive unit accounted for four members: Jean-Samuel Blanc, Byron Archambault, Anthony Thompson and Alexandre Lefèbvre-Tardif.

Our offense was represented by receivers Julian Bailey and Michael Harrington as well as our quarterback Jérémi Roch.

Also of note, James Sifakis won the league's Academic Award with a stellar R-Score of 34.16.

Congratulations to all of you!

Click for a larger photo of Byron Archambault.
Byron Archambault

Byron Archambault, who was last year's league Rookie of the Year winner, won both for his position as well as 2009 Defensive MVP.

Jérémi Roch, who won for best quarterback, Offensive MVP and overall MVP was also singled out for beating a league record that had stood for 23 years by racking up an amazing total of 2358 offensive yards this season. "It isn't every day that one has a chance to win two honours such as these," Jérémi said. "Being picked League MVP is a great way of being recognized, but really, I would never have won this trophy if it wasn't for the support of my team mates. A huge amount of credit goes to them."

Jérémi Roch follows in a Cheetah tradition for MVP quarterbacks that stretches back a long time. We have won at that position for no less than 10 of the past 13 seasons. Past winners have included Myles Gibbon (2007), Liam Mahoney (2006), Marc-O. Brouillette (2004), Jabari Arthur (2000, 2001 & 2002), Shawn Diner (1999) and finally Kristin Pipe (1997 & 1998).

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