Thursday, February 03, 2005 - (RDS) -
translated by Denis Lafontaine

Vanier Cheetah Alumnus Rudy Hage
Among the hundreds of million TV viewers who will be looking in on the 39th Super Bowl in Jacksonville on Sunday evening, there will be at least one Montrealer who will be particularly interested. Rudy Hage of the Alouettes was on the same University of Colorado team as several of the players involved in this upcoming Super Bowl contest between the Patriots and the Eagles.

Hage had some very interesting experiences during his days of university football. His four years spent at the University of Colorado allowed him to become friends with Tom Ashworth and Daniel Graham, both currently playing with Patriots, as well as Michael Lewis of the Eagles.

"I played with these players, I know them. We lost eight games the first year I was there. The next year, we won the championship. These are certainly experiences that I will never forget." said Hage.

With his arrival in Colorado, Hage, a defensive linebacker, once had to replace a receiver who had been injured in training camp, thus allowing him to experience the offensive side of the game. That's when Michael Lewis "welcomed" him.

"The quarterback threw me a high pass and Michael hit me hard, right in the ribs. When I got back to the bench, the coach turned to me and said, "Welcome to university football."

Graham and Lewis were the heart of the team in Colorado. Rudy Hage felt certain that his fellow teammates would take their place in the NFL.

In the case of Lewis, his invitation to the Pro Bowl was his reward for all his efforts.

"We started workouts at 6 AM and Michael arrived at 5. We had a break from 7 to 8 and worked again from 8 to 9. Lewis didn't stop working, even during the break."

Rudy Hage figures the Eagles will win it. He hopes that his buddy Michael Lewis will be able to get his first Super Bowl ring.