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Vanier College sponsors a wide range of intercollegiate teams that provide high calibre competition for skilled athletes. The Cheetahs represent Vanier College in the following ten varsity sports:

AAA Men's Basketball
AAA Women's Basketball
AAA Men's Football
AAA Men's Soccer
AA Men's Basketball
AA Women's Soccer
A Men's Rugby
A Women's Rugby
Women's Flag Football
Varsity Cheerleading    

Our professional coaching staff for all teams ensures that athletes benefit from sound training techniques, services and facilities. Through a demanding schedule of practices, league play, exhibition games and tournaments, our athletes are provided with many opportunities to develop and improve their skills.

The Annual Banquet Event, hosted by the Athletics Department, honours those athletes, coaches and teams deserving of special recognition. It's also a fun time for athletes to celebrate one more time with their team mates. The banquet is sponsored by the Vanier College Student Association. Athletics maintains a program that strives to improve the academic performance of our first year student athletes. Academic Coaches meet with athletes on an individual and/or small group basis to help them more successfully make the transition from high school to CEGEP. At Vanier College we believe that sports and academic success are a winning combination! Get more info at our main office in G134.

The Academic Achievement award, presented on an annual basis, recognizes all student athletes who have achieved an academic average of 80% or more in one or more semesters.

Vanier College Athletics is proud to have had 7 of its Touch Football and Soccer graduates go on to play with...

Jason Bressler Europe - Professional (Soccer)
Claudia De Paola McGill (Soccer)
Sandro Grande U. of Alabama (Soccer)
Dario Guerrera Europe - Professional (Soccer)
Sophie Lecot Maine, U. of Massachusetts (Soccer)
Melissa Macintyre U. of Pennsylvania (Touch-Football/Track)
Chris Stathopoulos Montreal Impact - Professional (Soccer)

...and 79 of its Football alumni go on to play professionally with...

Andy Antoine - Montreal
Jabari Arthur - Calgary
Anthony Barrette - Montreal
Ray Bernard - Ottawa, Saskatchewan, Calgary, Montreal
Claudio Bertone - Toronto
Michael Bertone - Draft Montreal
Tim Biakabutuka - Carolina
Tristan Black - Calgary, Toronto, Saskatchewan
Marco Brouillette - Montreal
Tony Brown - Draft Saskatchewan
Marc Calixte - Calgary, Montreal Quality Control
Craig Carr - Edmonton, Montreal, Calgary
Obed Cetoute Genaille - Toronto, Saskatchewan
Kevin Challenger - Edmonton
Randy Chevrier - Cincinnati, Edmonton, Calgary
Andre Clarke - Montreal
Brad Collinson - Montreal
Adrian Davis - Toronto, Calgary
David De La Peralle - Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary
Danny Desriveaux - Montreal, Toronto
Mike Dibatista - Saskatchewan
Shaun Diner - Montreal
Farrel Duclare - Calgary, Winnipeg
Jean-Marc Edmé - Montreal, Pro / College / Advance Scout
Darnell Edwards - Sakatchewan
James Eggink - Montreal
Hicham El-Mishtoub - Houston, Tennessee, Edmonton
Pascal Fils - Edmonton
Robert Forest - Ottawa
Greg Fournier - Saskatchewan
Alton Francis - Saskatchewan
Angelo Filosa - Montreal
Chris Gayton - Draft BC
Rahsaan Giddings - Montreal
Warren Grant - Ottawa
Marwan Hage - Hamilton
Rudy Hage - Montreal
Éric-O. Hakim - Draft Hamilton
Hasan Hazime - Edmonton, Hamilton
Mike Hendricks - Ottawa
Andrew Henry - Winnipeg, Calgary, Toronto, Saskatchewan, Ottawa
Jesse Joseph - Montreal
Patrick Kabongo Edmonton, BC
André Knights - Draft Calgary
Paul Lambert - Hamilton, Montreal
Liam Mahoney - Hamilton, Montreal
Ben Major - CFL official
Youdlain Marcellus - Draft Ottawa
Kristian Matte - Montreal
Shawn Mayne - Hamilton, Winnipeg, Montreal
Richard McCrory - Ottawa
Richard Mercier - Cleveland
Glen Miller - Draft Hamilton
Tom Monios - Saskatchewan, Toronto
James Monroe - Ottawa, Saskatchewan
Curtis Nash - Saskatchewan
Jason Nedd - Edmonton, Hamilton
Matthew Norman - BC
Matthew Norzil - Saskatchewan
Sammy Okpro - Edmonton
Ameet Pall - Montreal
Bob Pantaleidis - Calgary, Winnipeg
John Petrella - Montreal
Moe Petrus - Draft Hamilton
Mark Raphael - Draft Saskatchewan
George Savard - Ottawa
Nigel Smith - Calgary
Dean Stewart - Draft Toronto
Brandon Tennant - Saskatchewan
Larry Tittley - Montreal
Nick Tsatsaronis - Draft Winnipeg
Uzo Ubani - Draft Calgary
Paul Vajda - Saskatchewan
Cory Watson - Winnipeg
Ryan White - Montreal
Kelly Wiltshire - Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton
Frank Yeboah-Kodie - Ottawa, Toronto
Phil Yeboah-Kodie - Indianapolis, Carolina
Steve Zatylny - Winnipeg

For more information, see our Notable Alumni page.

To contact Athletics, call the coordinator Mai Nguyen at (514) 744-7500 ext. 7133 or send her an email.
You can also contact assistant coordinator Helen Bastos at (514) 744-7500 ext. 7459 or send her an email.


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