Following their stirring Provincial Championship win on March 4th, our Lady Cheetahs went on to win the gold medal at the National Championships held in Edmonton held between March 15-17. Read more on the win.




MESSAGES FROM MARCH 17 AND AFTER: (newest entries at the top)

CONGRATS!!! on the win.... Sorry I can't make the dinner...Tell everyone I said hello!!! Thanks.
- Candy
Tina, Congrats on the championship! Must feel so nice. Please give my regards to Mai and Ruby. I'm so proud!!!
- Debbie Ruiz (editor: Deb is a former star player for the Lady Cheetahs) web link
Congratulations to the Women's AAA basketball FAMILY, staff, coaches and players, for a tremendous win at the Nationals in Edmonton. Once again the TEAM showed a lot of character to come back from behind in the final game. You sure know how to make a game interesting... You made all of us very proud and it was an honour to be present and part of the journey. Congratulations!
- Renée, Audrey et André.
You gals rule the school! Congrats from your English teacher.
- Meg.
Je me joins au conseil municipal de Montpellier et au nom de toute la communauté pour vos efforts et votre réussite lors de ce tournoi. Votre détermination et votre fierté a sans doute contribuée à ce succès. Vous êtes l'exemple même d'une jeunesse prometteuse pour assurer la relève pour les prochaines années, et ce à tous les niveaux. Je vous souhaite bonne chance, bon succès tant sportif qu'académique pour les années futures. Bravo nous en sommes fiers.
- Stéphane Séguin, Maire de Montpellier
Congratulations to Marie Pier Brabant and your team. Good work! Nice picture of your Mom and Dad in the crowd.
- Joanne McNamara, your uncle Stéphane Séguin (see above), Amélie et Katherine et Mamie and the Principal of Namur School who is also a Phys. Ed Teacher (where Joanne works).
Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! I'm so happy for all of you!!! You had all the tools to win it and you stepped up and did it!!! #1!!! To everyone at Vanier behind the team and to the girls and coaches, congratulations! Enjoy your win, you deserve it!!!
- Ingrid Gilbert (editor: Ingrid is a former star player for the Lady Cheetahs) see link
Congratulations, Girls!!!! I just read about your win in the Gazette and thought I would congratulate all of you. I can only imagine how happy you all were because I know you must have worked so hard for it. Good stuff, Ladies!!!!
- Joey Capaldi (Former Lady Cheetahs Athletic Therapist)
Good job on an amazing season girls! Way to represent VC and Quebec. Congratulations to each and every one of you and hopefully this was the just the first of many national championships for the Lady Cheetahs.
- Stephanie A., former Lady Cheetah (2003)
Just wanted to wish you all congratulations on your National Championship and a great season. You guys did a fantastic job and it was a lot of fun to see your team play. No team I saw played more like a team in the truest sense than your team. You are very deserving champions! All the best and I am sure we will be in touch.
- Rod Gilpin, Women's Basketball Coach, Bishop's University
Quelques mots pour vous féliciter, les entraîneures et les joueuses de Vanier pour cette magnifique année. Vous pouvez être fières. Bravo!
- Linda Marquis, Women's Basketball Coach, Université de Laval
Congratulations, Tina! Talk to you later.
- Suz Albert, former alumnus for the Vanier Cheetahs Basketball team
A job well done. Everyone should take pride in the victory … from the Vanier Athletics Administration … to the incredible coaching staff … to the women who worked so hard all year and always played as a ‘team’. Congratulations to all!!!!
- Allan, Violet, Adrienne, Cynthia
Great job girls. Tina, Ruby and May, go get this one, make us all proud ! (you already do!)
- Patricia Demers, Fédération Sport étudiant

AWESOME!! All of the years of hard work have paid off! You should be very proud of your accomplishments this season! Now it’s time to enjoy!

Great job to everyone. Before, I knew you were a special team, but know there is absolutely no doubt in everyone's minds. This team will be forever be known as Vanier's first ever Womens National Champs!!! Congratulations on a season that dreams are made of.
- Bengi Vidicek, Assistant coach, Vanier AAA Men's Basketball
Congrats! Job well done. I "can" imagine the feeling and wish I could have been there! Congrats to the girls as well as the team of coaches.
- Helen Bastos, Vanier staff member and Lady Cheetah's Basketball AAA Alumni, 1983-86
Click for a photo of Vanier supporters attending the Nationals in Edmonton taken during our gold medal game that was sent to us by proud parents:
- Chuck and Wendy Eason
Wow! Congrats to all of you, I know you worked hard for it and that's why you deserve it the most. Forget all that, Spring break is here and you're the Champions so Now its Time to PAARRTTYYY !
- Ofir (Your Part time Photographer and football Kicker ! lol )
What an amazing win! First we took the 2007 Bol d'Or in football, now we win the Nationals in Women's Basketball... whoah! Whatta year! Cheetahs ROCK!
- James, 1st year Pure & Applied Science
Congratulations to all the team for a wonderfull season of strong efforts and fantastic results. Thanks to all the players and especially to the coaches.
- Elaine and Raymond
"The Cheetahs, ranked number one in Canada, proved why they came into the tournament as the top seed by winning gold in the final game." I couldn't have said it better. I believe it is the first time this has happened, so with what your gold team has accomplished may you start a tradition that will last forever. And one last thing, don't ever forget how much you have worked for this trophy and never stop being proud of yourselves, CHEETAHS !!!
- M. Razvan Zamfir
Tina, Finally, I can not believe you guys captured the National Championship. After so many years with the team, what a great accomplishment. Congratulations on a spectacular year. It is definitely a year to remember. Hope to speak to you soon. Take care.
- Gianni
What an achievement! And what a game! Winning 82-80 after being down by 14 points at one point in the 2nd quarter... whew, I can finally start breathing again! Again and again you have showed the heart and team spirit that have carried you so far. We are so VERY proud of each and every one of you. I think in some way, we all share in our hearts at least SOME of the pride that you all undoubtedly must be basking in now. Cheetahs RULE !
- Denis Lafontaine, LITC Media Specialist / Athletics Website
Simplement les MEILLEURS, You are the BEST. UN GROS BRAVO a toutes les filles, absolument fantastique!!!!!!
- Jacques et Gisèle.... Seb et Dave
All the way with Vanier. Special "hi" to Tina Fasone...... go Momma!
- Irving
(Posted just after we won the semi-finals) And another team fell prey to our Cheetahs. One more game and the gold is yours... go for it , you deserve it !
- M.R.Z.


Vanier College vs Mount Saint Vincent University: 67-46. The score pretty much says it all. Congratulations ladies !!!
- M. Razvan Zamfir
GO VC!!! Congrats to all of you! Wish I could of made the provincial games and experience this amazing accomplishment with the team... but know that I've been with you ladies all along because my heart will always be with the Cheetahs! Good luck in Edmonton, but most of all have lots of fun and enjoy the moment while it lasts (doesn't it feel amazing, I know I get shivers just thinking about it!). Now, don't forget to let Canada know 'who runs it'!
- Sabs
Congratulations ladies!! It was great to see at least one of your games this year... And guess what? Even before the season started, I knew that this would be the year you guys bring it home!! Way to work hard and contribute to the success of this team... Have a safe trip to Edmonton and make sure you dont forget your trophy there!! One more thing: Make sure you show them "who runs it" : CHEETAHS!! All the best.
- Amy Bakos
Congratulations to all the team and coaching staff on your provincial gold medal win and good luck in the Nationals, We are behind you all the way.
- Gerardo/Tatiana
Go Cheetahs! Together Everyone Achieve More, you’re the TEAM!!! Show them the Montreal Power and Go Get 'em at the Nationals !!!
- Guillaume. Maude et Alexandre
BRAVO, on est tellement fier de vous, encore un petit effort et vous allez écrire une page d'histoire . Mais le plus important, profiter de chaque instant pour faire ce que vous aimez le plus, JOUER au basketball, bonne chance.
- Jacques et Gisèle
Congratulations to all the team. A special mention to Arianne, a very important girl for us...
- Yvon and Johan Ranger
Good look girls.....you're lucky to get to the Nationals... I never had the chance...
- Caroline Senay, Vanier Animal Health teacher and Cheetahs basketball player, 1986-88
ARIANNE: de mon oncle claude, la meilleure des chances à toi et ton équipe, pour la fin de semaine à venir, je suis fier de tes succes, j'ai hate de t'écouter en parler. UN GROS BISOU
- Claude Drummond
Congratulations! GO Girls ! Give your all and make us proud! Chee Chee Chee Tahsssssssss!!
- Katleen & Sheena
Congrats girls and good luck in Alberta. I know u guys will represent VC all the way. Hope u bring the championship home.... GO VC, VC!
-Lisa Ricard
Go Arianne Go!!!
- Myriam Laverdière, ingénieure, IBM Bromont
Good luck in Alberta from the Wyeth plant. P.S. Don't forget to take your Centrum. Your opponents will need Advil if not something else we make.
- Luc Charette, Wyeth Canada
Congratulations on your Provincial gold medal win to all the Cheetahs girls and coaching staff. I am very proud of your team. I coached Vanier for ten years and even if I left in 2002, my heart is still Red and Gold. I wish you the best of luck at the Nationals and bring nothing else than the gold to complete this great year. Go Cheetahs!!!!
- Mireille Béland CPEQ Coach
Congratulations to all of you!!! It was great to see you play Sunday... from what I saw I think you have all you need for nationals... spirit, heart, talent, support, coaching and man, do you guys play well as a team!!! Just wanted to say that I'll be thinking of you and cheering from afar!!! Good luck and have fun!!! Go VC!!!
- Ingrid
Congratulations dear Lady CHEETAHS and Coaches Ruby, May Anh and Tina! It is with so much pride that I followed you all year long. I wish to thank you for all the “magic moments” you gave me the opportunity to share with you, especially at the Provincials! Keep your determination and your teamwork. I am sure you will be coming back as National Champions. Go get it Cheetahs! Enjoy your trip! See you in Edmonton (in case you need muffins…)
- Suzanne Savard ( a proud Cheetah’s mother)
Congratulations on winning gold at Provincials. From the first game I saw vs Ottawa U. I knew that this team was special. You are what every basketball team (men or women at all levels) in this province strives to become. You are a class act which is a direct image of your entire coaching staff. You play the game the way it's meant to be played, namely with heart, passion, unselfishness, competitiveness and with tremendous hard work, knowing that it takes more than just talent to win. This is a once in a lifetime experience for some, so enjoy every minute of it. Enjoy the plane ride, the airport, the West Edmonton Mall, the hotel, the practices, the meals, etc etc. But please go there remembering to do two very important things: #1 Winning Vanier's first ever Women's National Championship. #2 Chewing bubble gum. Why bubble gum you ask, well just before your first game find the nearest garbage & throw out your bubble gum & then you'll know there is only ONE more thing to do. Win it all!!!! Good luck & try to do the impossible which is to make us even prouder than we already are.
- Bengi Vidicek, Assistant Coach, Vanier AAA Men's Basketball
Hey ladies: Just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you for your hard work and dedication. You are all very talented and I am sure you'll succeed in life. Good Luck in the Nationals, play hard, give it your all , fight for the win and remember whatever happens we are all very proud of what has been accomplished. To the coaches: CONGRATUALTIONS AND BEST OF LUCK FOR THE NEXT STEP AWAITS U. You have all done so much for these girls and without everyone I don't think it would have been possible to succeed. Lots of love and support.
- Alexandra Bakalis, Kiara M, Luca C and the gang


March 9,2007

What a team!! It is hard to imagine being any prouder of your success than I am now, but I am willing to give it a try. Go get’em. We are all behind you. And when you come back, I want to know how you can keep so cool, so calm and so collected under such pressure. I can use your recipe.
- Gilbert Héroux, DG
Keep on doing what you have been doing so far and good things will continue to happen. Let’s not forget to recognize the efforts of some others that have helped to make this such a successful season. The training staff (JP and Max) that keep you healthy and ready to play, the parents who are loud and boisterous and worth 10 points a game, the VCSA (great pep rally last week!) and other Vanier supporters who have been behind you all the way. You have put yourselves in a position to continue the dream season and write even more history for Vanier College – so seize the opportunity and make the most out of it – we’re behind you all the way!
- Linda and Bruce, Vanier Athletics
Go for it girls! You are making us proud!
- Lyne Marie Larocque, Professor of sociology
On behalf of the Vanier tennis team, CONGRATULATIONS!, and best of luck at the Nationals.
- Vahan, Coach, Vanier Tennis
Congratulations to the Vanier Cheetahs Basketball Team. We are very pround of you. Provincial Champions! Ranked first in Canada going into the Nationals! WOW! Already a great accomplishment. For the next week and a half, stay focus, keep the good chemistry and go get the Gold in Edmonton. We are behind you. Renée, Audrey and André.
- André Brabant
To all the Lady Cheetahs and your great coaches, Congratulations on your tremendous showing so far and best wishes for a FABULOUS time in Edmonton! You guys deserve to win, but no matter what happens, you will be #1 with us.
- Judy Macdonald and everyone from The Learning Centre, Language School, and the Math & Science Centre
Good job Lady Cheetahs!!! I heard a lot about you guys and i wish you the best in Edmonton, I just know you are gonna kill them girls back in the little prairies. Unfortunately, I won't be able to be there in person to cheer you on, but I already know you will make us proud. There is no need to say good luck, gggggggggooooooooooooooo cheetahssssss QUEBEC CITY REPRESENTS
- Annie Prophete
You can tell the girls congrats on the BIG victory. Im happy and proud of them. Have fun in Edmonton i'll be cheering from a distance. Have fun at Nationals. Vanier is the coolest school eva. Tell everybody what's up! Hope to be seing some in the near future.
- Yasi
You Are The Champions !! Way To Go Girls, Congratulations. Bring It Home.... and have fun in Edmonton.. Heather Eason Rocks!
- Audrey
- Maryna

March 8, 2007

Nicely done lady Cheetahs! Congratulations on your accomplishments this year. Good luck in Edmonton!!
- Germell Anderson (AA Assistant Coach)
Congratulations to everyone involved with the Lady Cheetahs … From the great program leadership to the great coaching of Ruby, Tina and Mai-Anh to the players themselves who have exhibited great chemistry and cohesiveness all year long. Congratulations on a job well done and good luck next week in Edmonton!From Allan, Violet, Cynthia, Adrienne
- Allan Portwine
Congratulations Lady Cheetahs, Ruby, Mai Anh and Tina on the Provincial Win! The dedication you have to your sport and to each other is an inspiration to all young women. As two of your biggest fans we will be there to support you in Edmonton as you go for the Gold.
- Chuck and Wendy Eason
On International Women’s Day and on behalf of the women’s soccer team, I wish you the best possible experience. We are proud of you no matter what you bring back but hopefully you will bring back many, many good memories.
- Alex Borja
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Your success at the provincials is definitely the result of your hard work and commitment. It's an inspiration for us to to witness such success by our colleagues. I wish you all the best representing Quebec and Vanier College in the Nationals. Continue your hard work and team spirit and only good things will be waiting for you.
- Jimmy Haddad (AA Assistant Coach)
Hey, Good luck at nationals!
- Andrew Casey
Hey chikas! You betta work it out in Edmonton! Show them how Cheetahs roll on the east side! I wish you guys all the luck in the world! Kikikikikkkikiikikiikikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Your Groupie.
- Mickey!
Congratulations to my students, Anneth, Marie-Eve, Magalie, Arianne and Soumia, and the whole team on your Provincial Championship win. Best wishes for a super performance in Edmonton!
- Jeanne Masterson, CAMT teacher
Wow ladies, I am so honored to be a part of such an incredible team. I love each and everyone one of you, for you each bring something so unique and special to this team. We have had numerous ups and downs this year, but our hard work, determination and love for one another has put us on top! You have made my last year as a Lady Cheetah amazing and an experience that I will never forget. I would also like to thank everyone behind the scenes who have helped us immensely throughout the year. Without your hard work and support we would never have accomplished what we have this year. You all deserve a gold metal as well in our books! Thank you again Cheetahs and support staff... what a GREAT TEAM we have here at Vanier College!
- Kristin Portwine (a proud Lady Cheetah)

March 7, 2007

Good job girls!! I played for Vanier and there is nothing that makes me more happy to see the program being so sucessfull.
- Fabienne Bain (played 2002-2004)
Go Triple-A Cheetahs, Go !!! Congratulations for reaching the top in Quebec. Slam Dunk some for us when you're in Edmonton!
- Quentin, teacher in Ecological Technology
Girls I'm really proud of you guys, keep up the good work and keep making us proud!! Good luck.
- Rayon
YEAH CHEETHAS!!! Great job!!! I’m so proud of you girls!!! You know… once upon a time I was on the Vanier Lady Cheetahs Basketball team!!! Now I can proudly live through you all and closely follow your progress. I’ll be telling everyone I know about your success. My positive energy will be with you all the way to Nationals! p.s. *It helps to have great coaches to lead the way ;)
- Tanya Monuma (Lady Cheetah Alumni)
On behalf of Vanier Football, I would like to congratulate all of you for this tremendous accomplishment. I have personally witnessed the dedication you all have demonstrated from the off season through to the provincial championship this past weekend. Best of luck at the Nationals next week – Vanier Pride!
- Peter Chryssomalis, Head Coach, Vanier College Football
HEY GIRLS!!!!! I am soooo proud on your pronvincial win!!!! You all played amazingly and you sure deserved the Title!!! Now.. its time to bring back Nationals.. and there is no doubt in my mind that you girls are going to take it home!!!! kick some assssssssss ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From your number 1 fan ;) Lets go CHEETAHS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
- Marie, aka Stats woman!!!! lololol
What you have accomplished can't be described in words... You gave everybody an extraordinary reason to be proud of Vanier College. We are proud of you! Go there and show them why the Cheetahs are #1!
- Razvan Zamfir, P&A S
Much luck to the Ladies. We fully support you every step of the way with our foamy fingers and pom poms. GO VANIER CHEETAHS!
- Solika Ry, Student, Social Science / Vanier College Students' Association Secretary
What a year! Congratulations to the Lady Cheetahs, Ruby, Tina & Mayanh. You're the best and you proved it on Sunday. Good luck at the Nationals. Go Cheetahs!
- Donny Insogna "Voice of the Cheetahs", Registrar's Office
Go girls go! Thanks.
- Elena Esposito, Applied Technologies
Bravo girls!!!!!!!!! You've made all of us at Vanier soooo proud. Give it your best in Edmonton. We're cheering for you.
-Olga Mardas, Registrar's Office
To all the Cheetahs: All Best of luck at the Nationals! We are proud of you! Show them who the Cheetahs are! We are all, security team so proud of you...Thanks for your determination and Glorious records you accomplices.
- Capt. Otto, Security
Good job at the provincials!!! Now lets take the big one home!!!
- Tanya M.
OOOH MY GOD! Good job to the whole team Iam super proud of all the girls and specially proud of you Tina. You deserve it! good job!!!!
- Fabienne
Hey coaches, I am so proud of you guys making nationals... especially with such a convincing win over Eduoard! Haha. Hope you play your best, enjoy the experience and have great memories of this season! Ruby, congrats on getting coach of the year...and all of you along with her. That is quite an honor. Have a great time in Edmonton! Make us Cheetahs proud!
- Stephanie Dyck, Athletes in Action Québec (former assitant coach of the Vanier Lady Basketball Cheetahs)
- Rochelle Forbes
"Congrats" and Go Get 'em at the Nationals... It was a real honour and a great treat to watch you win the Provincials on Sunday a real team effort! What a great reward for the exceptional hard work you have put in since September. The next step is the Nationals ... keep your focus, play them one game at a time and bring home the title! Lots of luck on your mission!
- Ian MacArthur - Vanier Physical Education
YES Vanier has finally done it! Chantal told me the news this week and I have already congratulated the girls but in Montreal. I'm really excited for you and the team. Edmonton will be nice as well since I was there for tree planting lol... I think its well deserved, because program has come a long long way. Again, congrats this put the cherry on the top of you career as a player and coach. I wish you the best at Nationals. I will be at CIS Nationals watching unfortunately like I did for CCAA. On top of winning rookie of the year for west division in OUA I was nominated for rookie of the year in the CIS. You know maybe next year will be my year not to go to Nationals to watch but to play. GOOD LUCK!
- Dranadia Roc (Nadia/ D-Roc)

March 6, 2007

To all the Cheetahs..... Finally right there where you belong: on the championship board! I wanted to personally congratulate you for your excellent season. I have been following with a lot of passion and excitement all year. It has been quite an incredible accomplishment and turn-around in the program over the past couple years. I am really proud of you. All the best at Nationals, and go get the title!
- Chantal Vallée, Head Coach - Women's Basketball, University of Windsor (former coach of Vanier's Lady Cheetahs Basketball team)
Ladies, we at Vanier are all so proud of you. Your performance all year long, and especially at the Provincials, was outstanding. You showed heart, determination, talent and great teamwork. Keep it up and you will be coming home as National Champions!
- Andy Hertzog, Coach of the Men's AAA Basketball Cheetahs
Congratulations! I had the great pleasure of sharing your victory on Sunday in Sherbrooke. You played with your hearts and souls and with great determination. I am so very proud of all of you! You are number 1 in the country........Dig deep and bring back the gold from Edmonton!!
- Marilyn More, Academic Advising
Congrats Ladies on being Provincal Champions. Good luck and all the best going for gold at the nationals.
- Rowan Barnes (AA Basketball Head Coach)
Go Lady Cheetahs, go! Congratulations on your spectacular basketball season and your inspiring win of the Provincial AAA Championships. Each and every one of you is a shining example of what modern young women can achieve. You are the pride of Vanier College. Now take Edmonton and the rest of Canada by storm and bring home gold from the Nationals. Congratulations as well to all the coaches who helped bring the Cheetahs to this wonderful close to the basketball season. Good Luck to all of you, from everybody at Vanier Communications.
- Bev, Annabelle, Zsofia, Marina and Marguerite.
- Dany B. & all your supporters from Student Services
Congratulations ladies, it great to see Vanier Woman’s Basketball finally on top in this province. I’ve seen it all, from the worst to the best. Congratulations to the coaches that made this come true. Ruby I told you the Provincial championship would be yours. Now go to Edmonton and bring back a National Championship. From a Proud Vanier Alumni.
- Glenwyn Alexander
Ruby, Mayanh, Tina and the ladies, Take no prisoners in Edmonton, bring back the gold and show them what Cheetahs pride is. PS, if anyone has Library books due please return them. Good Luck!
- Rick Yuen, LITC.
In all three games I attended this season I was always struck both by the depth of talent on the team as well as by the evident heart that they displayed at all times. All of Vanier is behind every single one of you. Go for gold, Ladies!
- Denis Lafontaine, LITC Media Specialist / Athletics Website
Girls, it's Tomas from Espace Bell! I am sooo proud of you. I can't wait to watch the game on DVD and I'm sure I will love it. Keep on making your dreams real and don't stop giving all to win. Congratulations once again and keeep ittt uppppp!!!! Loooove, Tomas.
- Tomás CASAROTTI, Contrôleur d'inventaire. Cellcom Espace Bell Decarie
Best of luck at the Nationals. We're proud of everything you've already accomplished.
- James, student, Pure & Applied Science
Congratulations on an amazing run. Good luck in your quest for the National crown; Vanier is pulling for you. Go Cheetahs !!
- vlifgtol@videotron.ca
Fantastic year. Ranked # 1 in Canada is something. Congratulations to all the team and staff. Best regards, Yves.
- Yves R Duchesne, Représentant qualité stop et arrêt de contrôle