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Alternance Travail-Études (ATE)


Practicums, Practically Speaking:

  • Found by you or with the help of your ATE and Job Placement Counsellor
  • Two practicums generally lasting 8-14 weeks each
  • To be completed during the summers after 1st year & 2nd year
  • PAID!

Why is ATE for You?

  • Confirms and/or clarifies your program choice
  • Enriches your learning process, as you apply theory to practice
  • Offers you real-world experience
  • Introduces you to the job market
  • Networking opportunities
  • Enhances your CV
  • $$$

Are You Eligible?

Are you in a participating program?
Are you a full-time student?
Are you committed to success?

Did you answer YES to everything on this checklist? Well, then you meet the basic eligibility requirements and may be able to participate in the program.

Think you might be a GrATE candidate?

Come by Student Services (C-203) to speak with Vanier College’s ATE and Job Placement Counsellor. The counsellor will be visiting eligible first-year classes, but can also answer your questions about ATE individually.

Students interested in signing up for ATE must participate in a selection process, which will include:

  • Academic Requirements
  • Interview Process