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Why should I take anthropology courses?

anthropology-four-fieldsAnthropology provides multi-cultural training particularly well suited for the 21st century job market. The world in which we are now living is international and requires excellent critical thinking, decision-making, writing and communicating skills. Anthropology can provide all of this because it is the only discipline in College that approaches the entire human experience from cultural, biological and evolutionary perspectives. The topics covered are fun and fascinating, intellectually stimulating, and relevant to your daily life.

Furthermore, anthropology complements all academic programs by helping students understand the interconnectivity of knowledge about people and their cultures. College and University students are increasingly realizing that the issues affecting their futures and the information they will need to prosper are found within programs that provide a wide range of topics and teach a wide range of skills.

Finally, in our global society, it is important to be able to deal with cultural diversity. Anthropology teaches us how to approach others in a non-judgmental and tolerant way. It also informs us that an important step in accepting others is to realize that we have much in common with them. In the end, anthropologists promote the idea that no matter how different humans are, we are all essentially the same. Anthropologists study what sets us apart and what brings us together, and carefully examines the role of culture in shaping the lives of all peoples of the world.

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