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Early Childhood Education Admission Requirements

Students who graduated Secondary School prior to 2010 with Math 416 only are eligible to apply to this program.

Applicants with post-secondary education will be evaluated on their overall academic performance and prerequisite standing.

Letter Of Intent

Applicants must include a letter of intent with their application outlining the reason(s) for applying as well as descriptions of relevant work or volunteer experience (if applicable) with groups of young children.

Fast Track for DCS Students

Applicants who have completed a Cegep DCS are potentially eligible for a reduced course load leading to a reduction in the length of the program. Applicants should meet with the program coordinator to discuss course selection and scheduling.

Advanced Standing for ACS Students

Applicants who have completed an ACS in Early Childhood Education are entitled to Advanced Standing in the DCS program. These applicants should consult with the program coordinator.

Note: This program is available in the Autumn semester only.