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Access for Students with Disabilities
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Teachers' are responsible for:

  • Delivering exam and accommodation form to the Exam Coordinator (it should , when possible, arrive 1 working day prior to the test) Exam Delivery Methods:
    - In person (B-205E)
    - MIO
    - Internal Mail (allow for extra time)
    - Email Exam Coordinator.
  • Notifying the Exam Coordinator of any date changes or permission given to student to write on an alternate date
  • Checking the exam accommodation request form for the following details: Teacher's name, Test Date and Time, Permissions, and Exam Delivery.

N.B. Please deliver requested tests to Access for Students with Disabilities on time. In the case that you have forgotten to provide the test, the student must come to your class or office to locate the test and bring it back to The Access for Students Centre. This causes them anxiety and deprives them of the allotted time when they have a class scheduled afterwards.

Please understand that your student may need to leave early or arrive late due to certain exam accommodations. While this is not ideal and we strive to avoid it when possible, it may occur. The student is required to inform you and a note confirming the information can be provided, as needed.