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Access for Students with Disabilities
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Some students with disabilities find it helpful to have a note-taker in all or some of their courses. If a student needs a note-taker, it will be indicated in the accommodation memo. It is the student's responsibility to approach you and let you know if this accommodation is needed in your course.

If a student requests this accommodation, here are some tips to help them find a note-taker:

  • For confidentiality purposes please do NOT identify or ask the student with the disability to answer questions about this arrangement or make the request in front of the class. (Many students with disabilities prefer to keep their disability private and not share it with their classmates).
  • make an announcement in class that you are looking for a note-taker.
  • Discreetly introduce the students and ask them to visit the registered student's resource person together in order to make the necessary arrangements.

A note-taker is another student who is willing to share his or her class notes with another student. The student in question should be reliable, attend all classes, take good notes, and be willing to photocopy and share them with another student. The student will be paid an honorarium at the end of the semester.