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Access for Students with Disabilities
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To write exams with accommodations, students are responsible for:

Step 1:

  • Notifying, when possible, their teacher that they wish to write their test in The Access for Students Centre 5 working days prior to test date

Step 2:

  • Completing the top portion of the exam accommodation form (student name, date, requirements)
  • Providing their teacher with the exam accommodation form with the student section completed

Step 3:

  • Booking space with The Access for Students Centre staff (either in person or online)
  • Notifying staff of their requirements

Questions? Changes?

  • Student's must inform The Access Disabilities Centre if they are ill or if the test has been rescheduled
  • Discussing conflicting exam accommodations that interfere with class schedules
    Making necessary arrangements with the teacher prior to the test date in order to minimize interruptions and missed information