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Student Ambassadors

Who are we?

Vanier students with LD / ADHD who act as positive models, mentors and advocates at Vanier College and in the Montreal community.

How do we accomplish this?

Many ways! We make presentations on campus, sharing our own unique stories about what it is like to have a LD and / or ADHD. We inform / remind students of the wealth of services offered at The Learning Centre and offer a plethora of effective strategies that have worked for us, including the use of adaptive technology. Our hope is to continue to build an ever-increasing web of support by providing mentorship to students with LD and / or ADHD and encouragement to persist and reach their full potential. We are becoming well known in the Montreal community as well: We visit high schools and universities. By working as a collective, we have managed to sensitize many varied audiences to what it is like to have a LD and / or ADHD. We welcome anyone interested to attend our weekly meetings in N-222 during UB.

Student Ambassadors Video

Student Ambassadors

Cindy Blauer, Alex Tzamarias, Christopher Simeone
Georgia Kiriakis, Daniel Zoellner

Students Speak

Christopher Simeone Vanier Student Ambassador

Arthur Olivenstein Vanier Student Ambassador

Vanier students (2010) with learning disabilities and/or ADHD who share their experiences with others. View the video by clicking here.

For information about ways to have Ambassadors for Student Success make a difference in your life, please contact Shana Stafiej at